A Frothy Connection…

In a café that prides itself on maintaining a human connection by inspiring and nurturing the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time; in this particular location, those ever so privileged enough to wear the green or black apron, are more focused on their to-do’s, than focusing on the customer’s need for coffee, service and a very much-needed human connection.

Proceed with caution when brewing coffee with your head up your derrière.

Can I help you? With a slight upper roll of the eyes to the right. Or my favorite, “Do you know what you want?… Because I have a lot to do.” Or if I’m really lucky, amidst my exchange of fresh introductory communication, I am interrupted with, “I’m sorry, I have a long list of things for her to do, have we helped you already?” Umm excuse yourself, she was taking my order, which you, supervisor, would have known if you actually did your job and noticed I was in the process of being helped. Proceed with caution when brewing coffee with your head up your derrière. Oh, and that interaction I was enjoying so much, you managed to intrude on, and turn into yesterday’s decaf.

When in search of a local café, if you are fortunate enough to be in a place that embraces you and your personal-dynamic, keep it to yourself and consider it a jackpot. It is rare to find a human connection akin to my very high-standard. Is it personal you? Or is it personal to them? Regardless, you deserve to be treated like a superstar and a number one client, especially when you spend so much of your money there.

Thanks a latté,

’til next time,

..it may be a while, they have a job to do…


Gossip Gay.

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